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Updated 09/24/16
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Sub Links

USS Barb (SSN 596)  
    USS Drum (SSN677) Help Preserve a 637 class boat
@ MINSY Historic Waterfront Park
USS Ray (SSN 653) Sister ship to USS Queenfish (SSN 651) 
Submarine Wives Club, A page for Submarine Wives
Submarines, Planes, Oil Wells and More. Includes USS Scorpion.
      USS Bergall SS 320 Great Pictures
CS HL Hunley _ See the latest on her Recovery /Restoration*****
John Holland and His Submarines. Nice site, very comprehensive.****
Submarine Force Library and Museum Home of the USS Nautilus
  USS Growler - Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum
USS Guardfish
USS Permit (SSN 594)
George Washington (SSBN 598) Another historic boat
USS Vallejo (SSBN 658)
COMSUBPAC Find out what's happening in "downsizing".
USS Gunnel (SS 253) A complete history of this boat
USS Torsk (SS 423) and several other boats of interest
      WWW.USSTORSK.ORG (SS 423) Boat Restoration
USS Queenfish (SS 393) - From Howard Hoyt
Great color shots, interior and exterior.
USS Queenfish (SS 393) Harry Hall's personal page (One of my Cyber friends)
RidesSubs A MMC (SS) who loves boats
USN Submarine School (New London), in Groton CT
      USS Pampanito (SS 383) SUB Manuals WOW
    BESS -Basic Enlisted Submarine School Photos
Ron Martini's Sub Page Simply The Best*****
Myron's Page  A few pictures while on USS Bream SSK 243
The PooP Deck Finally -We learn about the "S" Boats. Well done by Rich Tucker****
USS Trepang (SSN 674) Roster, Recently decommissioned
USS Tunny (SSN 682) Tom Jordan's Page - Lots of good stuff
USS Blenny (SS 324) Excellent video captures and more.
Deep Domain Excellent page, started when he was in college, now he designs them.****
  SS 384 USS Parche SSN 683
St. Mary's Submarine Museum One of our newer Museums For all submarine sailors-Get on the roster***
Submarine Memorials For all submarine sailors and boats that gave the ultimate sacrifice.
The  USS Ling website Well worth a look see
All Submarines  On public display around the world
USS Baltimore (SSN 704) Alumni Page
Royal's Submarine Page Great photos
      Silent Service videos  from the 50's - Limited time
      U.S.S. SEALION ****
Great site
      Silent Hunter Pacific Thunder Campaign
      Fast Attacks & Boomers  A Smithsonian site****
      Russian Sub Museum, Providence, RI Extremely Interesting***
    The Korean War Project
  The Green Board by Sid Harrison ETCM (SS)
 WOW ***** Don't miss it, very comprehensive, worth many visits.
    US Navy News and all issues of ALL HANDS***
  NAVSOURCE Learn about all of our ships past and present
    Infernal Machine Another Submarine in the Civil War
  New London Country Guide Many Links for subs
    Olgoat Ray 'Olgoat' Stone offers the "After Battery" Meeting space and the ramblings of Bob 'Dex' Armstrong and others. *****
Fiction   USS Michael DiMercurio "A Master Rivaling Tom Clancy"
Submariner Blogs
  Ultraquiet No More  A group blog for submariners
  The Stupid Shall Be Punished  From a bubblehead in Idaho

Submarine Models, Supplies,  and References

Ictineo I  The First Functional Twin Hulled Submarine - 1858

  The Sub Committee! For all Submariners and Wannabees - Model Subs - New site now up. Info  & resources
    Mikes Subworks R/C sub supplies, water tight chambers etc.
      Thor Design 1/96 scale R/C nukes
Steel Navy a great info and resource site****
      Nautilus Models Make Revell's Subs look real***
      D&E Models Static & R/C models, supplies
    The Scale Shipyard R/C subs Large selection
    Sub Tech R/C sub supplies, water tight chambers etc.

Other Military Oriented Links

 Haze Gray Naval History Information Center I great site *****
 PG14 (adult language and situations)
      National WWII Memorial
      WWII U.S. Veterans Organization
      AMERVETS.COM Replace those lost medals and lots more ****
Collectibles Mostly Navy, Mostly Subs (Dolphins Worldwide)**
Dave Lippman's Day to Day History of WWII / (Very Good) ****
Virtual Naval Command Dedicated to all Naval Gamers *
NAVets USA A great naval reference page. Worth a visit. ***
    USS Utah The other Pearl Harbor memorial For all of the services
    Tribute Rock  By a corn fed patriot **** Thanks "Bubba"
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